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November, 2016

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The Few Rules For Your Wide Leg Pants

spring-pantGo back to the 1990’s iconic styles, and you see the wide leg pants with prints and stripes. Today, they are back again in new models, as the intense heat waves melt the earth. Style up with the fashion pants 2016 and catch up with that hot vintage look. The fashion industry is heading towards the remodeling of those old glamor clothing. The designers pump creative patterns to bring back the wide leg pants to the scene, and it is almost successful now. The world’s largest retailers, according to, suggest that 2016 shows the peak shift in the clothing industry.

White colored pants are the trend setters today, according to the stylists of the Paris Fashion Ramp. Ladies, especially women over 40, love to be in wider trousers due to the comfort and style it renders. Flared pants are popular among petite ladies, and many of them suggest that, choosing wide leg trousers are sometimes challenging. Care should be given while selecting as it does not go well for all types of figures.

As mentioned, short legged women camouflage this defect smartly with the wide pants. If flared, it further lengthens their figure when paired with heels. High waisted one cover up your tummy inside well, and if you wear a muffin top, it provides that gorgeous tall feature. Petite and pear shaped ladies usually prefer this attire as it would absolutely narrow down the ankle and hips. Try out a flared pants accompanied with a heavily worked top next time, and you will be amazed at your perfectly shaped body in the mirror.

But certain restrictions with wide trousers cannot be denied, however. Most of the high waist pants accentuate the waist. Hence it would only go if you want to cover your muffin top. Tight upper pants with small flares are best for skinny legs. Those saddle bags never work out with them, rather it looks worse. Fat thighs are covered up with the usual wide flared pants. Bulky figures should be careful with this style.

Heels should be covered when you wear wide leg pants. So, choose the length accordingly. If wrapped with a belt around, it highlights the figure. When you wear this, you balance your total look. So, wear a slim top with the pants. This is the most suitable way to flaunt your figure and your look more flattering with them. If you are too short, try wearing the less flared prints. It gives a more classic look with a well-fitted shirt.

It would certainly be awkward if plus size women carry this style. Although it was a trend among the early 90’s, it is not much followed today. The beauty of this dress is that, whether it is your first date night, or at the office, the wide leg pants blend everywhere if paired with the right accessories. Try to balance the proportion of your top and pants. Too much loose tops never give you a charming look. Also, tops that are too tight will not give fame. In short, this is perfect attire for your spring season.